a v i g n o n s e n s e


Audience, the; Barthes, Roland; Basketball; Being understood; Bliss; Botany; Choreography; Dance; Dancing; Deafness; Drawing; Elements, the; Ethics (of artistic collaboration); Horizon lines; Intelligent hearts; Interest in anything; Intuition; Language; Love; Movement; Not talking and talking; Reading; Real, -ity, being-,  The-; Reciprocity; Running; Sense, the making of; Share, how-to-; Silence; Sitting on pillows; Songwriting; Swimming; Symmetry; Perception; Performance; Practices, which ones; Talking and not talking; Text as communication; Text as score; Time; Titles and their conception; Translation; Understanding; Unison; Units; Untranslatability; Woolf; Words.



Conception and interpretation: Eleanor Bauer and Veli Lehtovaara
Production: Caravan production
Co-production: SACD - Festival d'Avignon