Katkelma 468 – living forms | troubled minds

Katkelma 468 is a solo performance and a choreographic installation. The focus of the work is both the concept and the experience of energy - especially as it relates to fossil fuels and corporeality. 

The intention is to understand and articulate the forms of movement and choreography that the proliferation of fossil fuels has both produced and obliterated in this era. It is no wonder, for example, that we are exhausted when the tempo of daily life is so radically altered by the use of energy intensive, easily mobilized fossil fuels. 

During the residencies this spring Lehtovaara will do intensive research on the subject of energy and approach both the concept and the experience in his choreographic thinking and movement practices. Collaborating with a visual artist and a sound artist will expand his media of research to include auditive and visual information. 

The premiere of the work will be at Oil Silo 468 in Helsinki, Finland in August 2019


Choreography and concept: Veli Lehtovaara

Performance: Veli Lehtovaara, Jani Hietanen

Sound: Jani Hietanen

Costume: Piia Rinne

Production: SpaceTimeLove | Veli Lehtovaara in collaboration with Arts Management Helsinki | Outi Järvinen

Residencies: workspacebrussels (BE), Keidas, Kekäläinen & Company (FI)

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Samuel Huber Foundation