Veli Lehtovaara, choreographer and dancer, is based in Brussels. He works regularly in Helsinki and lives part of the year at Villa Kaunisto by the Lake Päijänne in Central Finland.

For Veli, art is a way of being in the world – a journey of comprehending otherness and being comprehended by it.

In 2016 he is starting a new project Natural Resources.

In 2015 Veli created a series of solo performances, Clandestine sites: Displaced, in negotiation with the text of Roland Barthes: A Lover's Discourse – Fragments (1977) and a novel by Virginia Woolf: Orlando (1927). For Festival d'Avignon he created a duet together with Eleanor Bauer: a v i g n o n s e n s e.

Parallel to his choreographic practice Veli dances in Golden Hours, Rosas / Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

Contact: velijuhana@gmail.com