Simo Kellokumpu & Sari Palosaari & Mikko Hyvönen in Mad House

In spring 2015 three artists formed an artistic research group for Kellokumpu’s on-going artistic research Contextual Choreography. The group worked in Saari residency on July. Based on working together every artist bring to Mad House a proposal, gesture or an artistic work, which articulates and comments on the research questions. There will be for example an introduction of the project called Seasons as choreographers, a video work Hiding#3, a video work Slicing and other attempts to shift the perception of space, shamanistic journey. There can be also something else. Nettle tea is served.

The evening is free of charge informal event, which you can attend when you like. Different works, performative gestures and discussions happen on 22-24 September between 18 -21 o’clock. Welcome!

More information here.